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Ventura's batting orders are bad, his use of pitchers is bad, the fundamentals are poor, his strategy is poor. He's a bad manager. And even if you don't agree with me on the details, 63-99 with a starting staff that's pretty good stands tall. Yea, we aren't going to contend next year.
But some of the most memorable seasons were of non-contending teams. Some guys can't stop crowing about 77. I for one, as a kid, enjoyed 71 thoroughly. We had a fresh team, a fresh approach. Tanner was new (he managed 15 games in 1970), we got rid of dead wood, and moved some decent players out and brought new ones in.
It was a fun season and we improved 23 games.
Hahn or Williams or whoever is calling the shots seems to want to keep this same ethic and culture that we've had for a decade, and which completely deteriorated in 2013.
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