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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
If it is a manager's fault a team went from leading the league in fielding to being in last place in fielding, and it has been pointed out the Sox doing it was the first time in almost 100 years it happened, the last team that did it was managed by Connie Mack, so he must be an awful manager.

Look at the career records of the managers in the HOF, and name one that didn't have some tough seasons. Then look at the Sox roster and explain how anyone could judge how good a manager is by this particular team's record. None of the guys on your list would have managed this team to contention.
Connie Mack tore down the A's many times because of financial reasons. He would build the team up to a champion then go Florida Marlin and get rid of everybody. I would bet that Connie Mack fielding turnaround was after one of those purges. Notice he won 5 WS titles but had a far below .500 lifetime managing record.
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