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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
What I find funny is, at the beginning of the season, people were predicting this team was going to be bad (because of the product that would be taking the field, not because of the manager), from baseball journalists to the experts here at WSI. Unfortunately, the experts were right, including the ones here at WSI. So, now that it has been proven that this team was terrible this year, everyone points to...the manager. Not saying Ventura is without fault, but I think a question that has been asked here has largely gone unanswered. What manager could've directed this team into contention? I hear a lot of blame of the manager, but no one has presented an option that they feel would've produced a different result.
I don't think it's that a manager could have directed this team into contention but it is more that the White Sox have gotten SO bad at EVERYTHING this season. Last year they were the best defensive team in the league, this year they were the worst. I'm not positive on this but it seems like we made more outs on the basepaths this year than any other team in the AL, how many did we make last year? We had a consistent problem of guys getting picked off and doubled off, those are things that I at least think are somewhat reflective of the manager.

Go Sox!!!
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