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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
That is a decent argument, but you have basically stated in other posts that a manager has *zero* (or at least next to nothing) to do with a team's performance. Hey, why even have one, then?

I do not think that is a position you can defend.

Oh, the Cubs fired Sveum today. Wow, what morons. I mean, he had a bad roster, so what was the basis for firing him?

Find me one reason Sveum should be gone and Ventura retained. At least the Cubs basically admitted they were tanking the season, so really, you would have a better argument as it related to Sveum.
Theo said it wasn't based on wins and losses. I am not inside the Cubs clubhouse and haven't watched a full inning of one of their games all year. I couldn't tell you if Sveum should have been fired. I have watched the White Sox and see no reason why major league players getting picked off of 3rd base multiple times can be blamed on the manager. I do think this probably was Theo's plan all along. He knew the team was going to be pathetic for a while and probably didn't want the guy he really wants when they are ready to win getting beat up and sick of it to the point he may leave. Theo did fire Rudy Jaramillo last year, and apparently he was the problem because their hitters just took off. Oh wait. Greg Walker used to be the idiot hitting coach of the White Sox. For some reason the Braves hired him. Now the Braves are in the playoffs with a top 5 offense. Go figure. Ventura managed the team to 85 wins last year, then must have taken stupid pills all winter so they win 63. The White Sox are doing the correct thing and blaming the players. Denying that would mean a longer period of struggling.

And I have never said the manager makes zero difference. Just not as big as many think. The manager isn't the difference between the Sox winning 63 or 93 this season.

The Twins signed Gardy to a 2 year extension despite losing 90 + 3 years in a row. Losing is not always on the manager.

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