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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
If it is a manager's fault a team went from leading the league in fielding to being in last place in fielding, and it has been pointed out the Sox doing it was the first time in almost 100 years it happened, the last team that did it was managed by Connie Mack, so he must be an awful manager.

Look at the career records of the managers in the HOF, and name one that didn't have some tough seasons. Then look at the Sox roster and explain how anyone could judge how good a manager is by this particular team's record. None of the guys on your list would have managed this team to contention.
That is a decent argument, but you have basically stated in other posts that a manager has *zero* (or at least next to nothing) to do with a team's performance. Hey, why even have one, then?

I do not think that is a position you can defend.

Oh, the Cubs fired Sveum today. Wow, what morons. I mean, he had a bad roster, so what was the basis for firing him?

Find me one reason Sveum should be gone and Ventura retained. At least the Cubs basically admitted they were tanking the season, so really, you would have a better argument as it related to Sveum.
Ridiculousness across all sports:

(1) "You have no valid opinion because you never played the game."
(2) "Stats are irrelevant. This guy just doesn't know how to win."

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