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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
I don't know about that. 1990 caught most people by surprise. There was some young talent, but lots of unproven talent and question marks. The fanbase was pretty much in total apathy after the Baines trade. Sosa was an unproven commodity. The hot draft pick Robin Ventura only came up for the final few weeks of the season. Frank Thomas and Alex Fernandez were off the grid; nobody knew who they were. McDowell was crap and actually spent the entire season in the minors. You had some veteran iffy guys like Pasqua and Fletcher that weren't going to draw fans to the gate. I don't buy that everyone knew the Sox were close.

By the way, no offense, because the Sox wouldn't have become the team they were without Frank's emergence really in '91 (I don't think anyone realized how good he was at the end of '90), and the difference here is that, other than possibly A Garcia, we don't have that type of guy in the minors now, unless he's hiding somewhere.
37-36 .507

That was the 2nd half record of the '89 Sox. Oh sure, we weren't sitting around at the end of 1989 saying "you know what, this team will win 94 games next year!", but there was definitely reason for optimism at the end of that season. You could see the team was at least headed in the right direction and they really started turning things around in the 2nd half of '89.

Our situation today is simply not comparable to that year. Who really knows, right? But IMO, the Sox seem much further away from contention than they did 24 years ago this month.

All I'm saying is, 2013 != 1989

White Sox Baseball
# of teams with a longer playoff drought = 3:
San Diego (2006), Miami (2003), Seattle (2001)

# of teams with fewer playoff appearances since 1995 = 4:
* (2), TOR (2), MIA (2), WASH(2), MILW(2)

# of Sox seasons in the this decade that were arguably dismal failures = 5:
2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Conclusion: Blame Sox fans for not showing up to enough games

* back to back AL Champs, WS Champs 2014-15

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