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Anyone can and should be up for trade after this disasterous season, but the three we should keep in general are Sale, Quintana and Garcia. (It would be a big mistake to trade Quintana. He has good stuff, knows how to pitch and is smooth as silk, which means he probably will avoid any injury problems. He's already a heck of a pitcher and he will improve.)

Five players need to go:

-- De Aza and Ramirez are at the top of the list for their extremely and continued dumb play. They are what they are, talented physically but mentally deficient in a major way. In short, they're losers.

-- Flowers and Phegley are two catchers who can't catch the ball or hit. Neither rates as even a semi-competent backup. Release Flowers. Send Phegley back to the minors and see if he can improve.

-- Axelrod belongs in semi-pro. He needs to be released. There's no reason to even waste a few spring-training innings on him.

The team has many other problems, but these should be no-brainers to anyone who watched the team throughout this painful season.

I won't take this organization seriously again until Ventura is gone. It's a joke he hasn't been fired. I've never seen a Sox team player dumber or be more unprepared to play. As far as those who wore a uniform this season, Ventura was the worst at his job.
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