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Default 2013 Season Final Thoughts and Some Positive Thoughts

A lot of good came out of this season. The end result looks brutal on paper, and the journey was as painful as ever. However, many positives came out of the season.

The Sox now know where they stand at catcher. Neither Flowers nor Phegley is the answer. You know what you have in both guys, and I expect the Sox to go after someone over the winter.

Quintana proved that 2012 was not a fluke, which places him now as either the #2 Sox starter or a valuable trade piece.

The Sox escaped from the remainder of the Rios and Peavy contracts, freeing up money immediately and for the future.

The Sox, whether by accident or careful planning, acquired Avisail Garcia who looks like he could be a stud in the lineup for many years to come.

The two Cal kids came up and looked like they are actual baseball players that know the game.

Rienzo and Santiago showed promise at time as starters. Purcey and Webb could be solid contributors out of the bullpen.

Jordan Danks surprisingly played some ball in the last two months and probably secured himself a role and gave the Sox some flexibility in deciding what to do with DeAza and Viciedo this winter.

At the park, tickets were cheap, bathroom lines were non-existant and promotions were good, so it was a fun year to go to games minus the general product on the field.

Despite the obvious flaws and questions that remain, did I miss any positives?

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