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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Who is the fielding coach?
Who is the base running coach?
Who is the hit the cut off man coach?

Those guys need to go too.
I posted a comment Dennis Eckersley posted after an early September Red Sox/White Sox series in Boston. The White Sox had made several bad plays:

1. A flyball that fell among 2nd/RF/CF gathering
2. A catcher throw into CF on a steal
3. A stolen base and neither 2nd or SS covered so no throw
4. A pop up at the mound that looked like a fire drill but was caught.

Eck then commented that the Red Sox both home and away have aggressive infield sessions before games.
Now Boston has had 3 different 3B and SS and 2 IB this season due to injuries and the Peavy trade so that explains some of the extra workouts.
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