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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
A lot of that used to be Jeff Cox, who actually did some teaching at the major league level. Cox taught Ramirez how to bunt, Ramirez never having bunted before he came up to the White Sox.

Major league coaching is usually a maintenance thing rather than an instruction thing, although Ted Williams and Charley Lau did some successful instructing at the major league level. Minor league coaches are more often the instructors. Hitting coaches don't teach players to hit at the major league level. They work with them to get the most out of what they can do. Hitting coaches in some organizations and pitching coaches in others tend to be scapegoats. In a few cases (Rudy Jaramillo comes to mind) they get too much credit.

You would have to be part of the team, though, to know if Manto was a scapegoat or if he was having problems working with the hitters.
Yeah I think your right on this. Although I could be wrong but I did hear once that Manto instructed hitters to swing at the first pitch. If true, I can't see that being a good approach to hitting.
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