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Originally Posted by Brewski View Post
He pitched more like Egg Foo Young than Cy Young tonight. Do all the other serious Cy Young candidates throw a clinker like this so often?
I'm not sure what you consider 'often' but Sale has probably had a couple more duds than most of the other contenders the last few months. I'd say even top of the league pitchers have one bad start a month, relatively speaking.

Scherzer has had a fairly rough homestretch as well. The Sox knocked him around pretty good during the month of September and the A's gave him a beating going into Labor Day Weekend.

Darvish got lit up against the A's in early September (what is up with the A's BTW?)

Colon's been solid since Mid-August. Before that he had a bad week getting shelled in back to back starts. He's been pretty good at getting out of jams considering his BAA is pretty high and has relatively few strikeouts.

Iwakuma's been really good and very consistent for Seattle.

Felix Hernandez has been struggling with injury and has had a few bad games down the stretch.

Injuries aside, Anabal Sanchez has been pretty good when he's been healthy. Though the Sox and A's were struggles for him.
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