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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
Nah, 2 years is certainly enough to get a feel for a manager. I just cannot understand why you want to absolve him of all blame like the manager position does not effect the play on the field . The degree to which he is responsible is debatable but what is not is he certainly is at least partly responsible for this disaster, he is after all the leader of the team. When you say it is unfair to judge on wins and losses , stacked roster or no, that makes no sense. All managers and coaches are judged by wins and losses, and this team , as badly constructed as it was, should have played much better and yes part of that is the managers fault.
I agree. This team is bad, but not bad by itself to lose a around a 100 games. The example I use the most is this. Ok he benched Rios, good move. But, why wait so long? There was plenty of lazy all around on this team prior to that. From De Aza to Ramirez to Viciedo loafing in left. Talking out the hot batter the day after a big night and put in 200 hitter. Letting Konerko bat 3rd out of respect or something. Dunn in the 4 hole. Not giving Garcia a chance to bat 3.
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