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Originally Posted by Deadguy View Post
It's not that simple.

They had to exercise a 3.5 million dollar option to get out of paying Thomas.

They also gave up their starting CF to get Thome.

Thome was better than Thomas from 2006-2008, but they should not have had to give up Rowand for him, considering everyone knew that the Phillies wanted to get rid of Thome.

I have no idea why the White Sox would want Konerko back, part-time or full-time. He hurts the team whenever he is out there. Give someone else a chance to play.
Rowand was due for major money soon and they thought they had the next CF right there for peanuts. So they gave Rowand's money to Thome and would have been better off standing pat with Rowand and Frank. Hindsight. Kenny had it in for Frank. That may have been the X-factor behind it all.
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