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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I just got back to reading these posts after being on the road for awhile.

The irony is that in one of Max Scherzer's three losses, he gave up a two-run two-out seventh-inning single to lose 2-1. This has happened in none of Chris Sale's losses this year. There was a game where Sale gave up a grand slam in the sixth with the White Sox leading 3-0, eventually losing 4-3, but that really isn't the same thing.

Baseball is a game of contexts. You can't simply look at a pitcher's statistics in isolation without looking at the situation. Mound presence, the ability to do what is needed to win a game, is one of the strengths of quality pitchers. I don't think you can say that a pitcher who loses a lot of close games (and really, Sale has lost a lot of games that weren't that close) would have won those games with just a little more run support.

There is probably not much left to this discussion, though, because I seriously doubt anyone is arguing now that Chris Sale deserves the Cy Young Award.
Yes, you can cherry pick statistics all day.

No, I don't think Chris Sale deserves the Cy Young award.

Here's a question. If you woke up on opening day 2014, who would you prefer was the opening day starter for the Sox. Max Scherzer or Chris Sale? Humor me.
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