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This guy needs to keep his mouth shut, head back home to Houston, and work his backside off trying to get in shape and game-ready for the 2014 season - both physically and mentally.

He wants a "heads up" if he's on the block. Give me a break. No one wants this guy unless the Sox are willing to eat a huge portion of his contract. Part of playing in the big leagues is the possibility of being moved around without much advance warning. If you don't like it, go find some other line of work that will pay you $56 million over 4 years.

Is Dunn the only reason why this season was a complete bust? Absolutely not. But he's a major culprit.

Sure, he led the team in home runs and rbis. So what. The Sox are still staring at a near 100-loss season. How many times has he come to plate with runners on and whiffed?

He's great in the clubhouse. Big deal. Dunn would be doing everyone in the organization and the Sox a huge favor by retiring a year early. Imagine having an extra $15 million to play around with next year.

I'm so tired of watching this one-tool fool threaten the season strikeout record each year. And on top of it all, he says he's not having any fun.

If he decides to walk, good riddance. But I'm fairly certain we're stuck with one more year of his non-productivity.

The White Sox instantly become a better team when this guy is gone. Addition by subtraction.
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