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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Pk played in a more hitter friendly era, but Santo played most of his career in a little bandbox known as Wrigley Field. Cubs fans seem to forget about Santos last year with the White Sox. Santo hit.221 with 5 home runs and 41 rbis in 1974. Those wind blown Wrigley Field Home runs were just long outs at Comiskey Park. Being the cry baby that Santo was I wasn't surprised when Santo blamed White Sox manager Chuck tanner for his dismal 1974 season.
Dangerous territory for us seeing where today's Sox play. I wish the dimensions were bigger, esp. with the likely makeup of the upcoming teams.

Originally Posted by Steelrod View Post
If the Sox offer PK a token offer, he'd be smart to accept it. Jermaine Dye wanted to find out his market value,, and did!
I personally have no problem having Paul on the team next year and going out in style. No one ever wants to end their careers, and he deserves a chance to finish on a high note.
Dye's importance to the team can't be compared to Konerko's. If he thinks sitting on the bench for $1.5M is going out in style, he should be allowed to do it. And I think he wants to keep going! At least Beckham said so not that long ago.
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