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Originally Posted by The Immigrant View Post
Couldn't help but put up another straw man, huh? Typical.

Speaking of attitudes, this type of bull**** from you is the reason there's only about 8 people left who frequent this message board.
Aw, and now you need to resort to a personal attack because you can't take the heat?

I've done nothing to manipulate your words, while you've continued to entrench yourself deeper and deeper in this crazy hole you're digging. You don't think the Sox owe Adam Dunn anything, that's fine, it's my opinion (and, if you look a wee bit up, not mine alone), that that is a ****ty way to run any organization, even a baseball team full of good for nothing rich folk, apparently.

Keep at it, though.

Maybe I'd see your point if Dunn was routinely talking about this the way Ozzie used to shake the cage for a contract extension every time someone stuck a microphone in his face, I don't see Dunn doing the same thing, I see a guy just answering a question honestly and people, predictably, flipping their **** out over nothing.

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