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Originally Posted by The Immigrant View Post
What in the world are you talking about? We are not talking about how a fast food restaurant treats its minimum wage employees, but a professional sports franchise and a $15M/year athlete that did not negotiate for a no-trade clause. For ****s sake, whether or not the GM informs him that he's part of trade talks has nothing to do with how management treats employees or whether employees are entitled to something beyond a paycheck. Jesus Christ, enough straw men already.

It's not customary in professional sports to let players know they're the subject of trade talks. Exceptions are sometimes made for "special" players but the Sox have no reason to make such an exception for Adam Dunn. **** him sideways. He's done nothing to deserve it.

And this is an equally ridiculous overreaction to what by any standard is a complete non-story; Dunn didn't go out of his way to demand respect and open communication with the Sox, he just answered the questions honestly that were posed to him by a reporter. He could have easily given the usual doublespeak cliché BS we're all used to, but he was simply candid. Get over it, he's not asking for anything special.

Though, your attitude that because he is wealthy somehow makes him invalid of not receiving basic respect from his peers and supervisors... Wow, it's a good thing you're on the internet message board with me, that's for sure.

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