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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
He's not even fringe. For perspective, he finished in the top 10 in MVP voting twice, never higher than 5th. Dale Murphy won 2 MVP's and was never really fringe.
Well Murphy has been on the ballot for fifteen years and got 23% of the vote once, I think Konerko will get similar numbers. I think Konerko will also benefit from voters punishing guys from the steroid era, in 2005 he finished behind A-Rod, Ortiz, Hafner, Guerrero and Manny, three of those four tested positive for PEDs and Hafner had links as well. Konerko also has that World Series ring, ALCS MVP and 7 post season home runs which should help him a little bit.

Of course had either Konerko or Murphy played for either the Yankees or Red Sox they'd be Hall of Famers.

Go Sox!!!
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