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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
Not should he, will he?

Do you think Konerko will want to return? Do you think the Sox will want him back?

For months I thought this season would be it for Konerko. But then last month when he started to hit decently and at least drive in a few runs I was getting the vibe that he'd want to come back in 2014 and go out in a better way both personally and team-wise. However, he's been really bad, almost embarrassingly so, at the plate this month and he's been painful to watch in the field as well. I can't see him thinking it would be a good idea to play in 2014.

As far as the team, I can't see Hahn thinking Konerko has on-field value anymore. But would Reinsdorf like Konerko to return for P.R. purposes?

Personally, I think Konerko is done playing after this weekend.
Konerko's hitting .278 this month. He's been arguably better this month than in other months this year. He hit .209 in July and .228 in August. He had 2 HR and 9 RBI in August, and he has 2 HR and 9 RBI in September. I'm not sure what the "decent" and "really bad" periods you mention are. Is the really bad just the last 9 games when he's hitting .229 with no extra base hits? That's a pretty small sample size.
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