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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Reed is 24 years old and has been very good for the majority of this, his 2nd full season in the Major Leagues (and first as full-time closer). I understand that to some of you, the idea that a player might need a learning curve in the Majors is unacceptable, but it is what it is.

And if he's not the answer, the Sox have plenty of good young pitching. There are so many other problems with this roster to worry about first.
I totally agree with this. And the fact is, Reed hasn't lost velocity. He has been struggling with location. When he was getting consistent work, he was saving games easily without a loss in velocity. It seems the definition of a pitcher's slump.

This doesn't appear to be the same situation as Sergio Santos who seemed to simply not have enough to get through the season even in his second full season.

I think Reed might be a better pitcher for the experience, at least I hope he will. There are pretty good closers who have had inconsistent seasons. Reed isn't the reason this White Sox team has underachieved, and gaining experience on an underachieving team isn't such a bad thing. I think Jones has the best stuff on the staff, despite an inconsistent sophomore season. He might make a fine closer. But it's rather unusual for a last-place team to be going with the same closer in September that it has been going with since opening day if the closer isn't part of future plans.

This thread feels like an overreaction. But fans do that. Before the trade deadline, there was a school of thought (maybe it was limited in its source and just repeated) that Reed had a higher trade value than Sale.
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