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Originally Posted by captain54 View Post
My analogy was more facetiousness, and while your point is well taken, you sidestepped the issue. You are asking fans to be patient and watch players grow at the MLB level. The Sox, unlike other organizations, do not not have the player development or talent overall at the minor league level. A huge flaw in the organization that has lead to a historically disasterous season. This isn't Oakland, Pittsburgh, Kansas City or Tampa Bay. This is a big market franchise. Explain to me please how organizations like St Louis and Atlanta are able to figure it out, and the Sox are light years away.
I'm not asking anyone to do anything, if you look through my post history, you'll see I have been vehemently opposed to any kind of long-term "rebuilding" plan that relies solely on internal development and drafting, the 2013 Sox are basically what you end up with, a talentless sack of **** team. I'm hoping that the money saved by dumping Peavy and Rios this season will be used to sign or acquire some MLB-quality talent.

That said, obviously what is different about the Cardinals and Braves, and other good teams is, duh, they have good players while we do not. The Sox's position players are probably going to post a negative WAR. Negative. They're worse than essentially a team of AAAA scrubs. Good teams can afford to ease their rookies into the mix, the Sox have to throw their young kids directly into the fire because there's no one better.

That said, the Sox are a "big market team" in our heads only, they have been near the bottom of the attendance for the league for a good 15-20 years now. I'd be willing to bet that if you factored for overall winning percentage and amount of money management has spent on the MLB roster, the Sox are probably one of, if not the most, unloved and poorly supported franchises by their own fans.

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