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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
Reed has stats pretty comparable to Rodney, the closer for Tampa. Reed has 39 saves ( 5th in AL) and 8 BLS and Rodney has 36( 7th in AL) and 8. Both have appeared in 67 games. Rodney makes $2.5 mil and Reed makes $520,000. Grant Balfour is 6th in AL with 38 saves and 3 BLS. He makes $4.5 mil. Balfour is 35, Rodney is 36.

I think the Sox should stay w Reed unless they find a better option in house. Closers can be expensive and they are very up and down as evidenced by the careers of Rodney and Balfour.
Reed has average stats at best as a closer, I would bet both those guys have better saves percentages , ERA, WHIP, etc. over the last couple years. I don't have to see stats anyway to know every Reed appearance becomes a near miss drama session, a walk here hit, bases loaded, walk off homer. There is no comparing him to any of the good closers in the game at all, stats or not.
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