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Originally Posted by Huisj View Post
As much as some callers are difficult to deal with in a season like this, Rongey acts like an ass to just about everyone who calls in with a comment about anything. If you suggest a possible change, hint that you are worried about someone's struggles, or second guess any move that the manager, GM, coaching staff, or player has made, he will bite your head off and tell you you are dead wrong and had no business even considering what you said, and he'll get super defensive on behalf of whoever you just mentioned with a smug "you don't know the whole story so you should even be given the time to finish your call" tone. He's right, the caller is wrong, and him being right also means that whatever the player/coach/manager/GM/owner decided was also right, and you had no business calling in and trying to discuss it in the first place. It's the worst model you could possibly have for a call-in post game show.
Rongey has been a tool for awhile now.

Hawk Jr when it comes to company man.

Can't stand him.
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