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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
Reed threw one bad pitch the entire inning . . . and Giambi hits it out. It's that kind of year. Fortunately, we have our stopper starting tomorrow.
Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
Reed cannot close out a game without drama. It's exactly like when Jenks stopped overpowering guys, "became a contact pitcher", and people argued that the fact that he was getting a ****-ton of contact didn't matter because he was still getting saves. 1-2-3 innings are just too rare for him to be relied upon to close.
Originally Posted by slavko View Post
When he finds the release point on his slider again, he'll be the closer. I'm talking about next year. Get 'em tomorrow.
I am weary of hearing Hawk tell us how bad this team would be without Addison Reed. They are plenty bad, historically bad, with him.

I hate using saves as a metric at all, since they bear no indication of effective pitching. Reed is a hazard every time he is out there. It seems like he ALWAYS has to put a runner or two on base, whether he ends up logging a save in the end or not. And I think this is his 2nd walk-off this week, although I am not paying close enough attention to say for sure.

Reed has 8 blown saves and 39 saves, so he has blown more than 20%, which in my mind is NOT the mark of a premier closer.

And I am WAAAY past complaining about Dunn any more. I am like some other poster here said recently, I expect him to strike out and I am pleasantly surprised when he does not. Another day, another golden sombrero. One more ****ing year of this bust.

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