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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
Cooper? Really? For one bad year?
Yes, Cooper. He's been one of the best pitching coaches for years, but Ventura and his coaching staff obviously need to go. The team needs a completely fresh start so Cooper has to go, too.

I don't view this as throwing out the coaching baby with the bath water. The pitchers, especially the bullpen, have seem to hit a wall. More of the team's pitchers have gotten worse this year than better. Ventura's handling of pitchers has been, at best, bad during his tenure, and Cooper is significantly responsible for that. Part of the poor handling has been pitching some pitchers too much. I'm not sure how anyone can defend Reed pitching, what, six games in a row when we're miles out of the race? Either Cooper was on board with that or he didn't do enough to prevent it. Either way, not good. Then you have Cooper's health problems which have caused him to be away from the team for at least a couple times this year. Finally, you have his weird, moody and mouthy radio appearances. Too many times he's been a jackass, on shows on which he's getting paid to appear no less. His criticism of Ramirez was way out of line. What other pitching coach has become a negative in this regard? He's sort of become too big for his britches, which was Ozzie's problem albeit to a greater extent.

Last, but not least, Sox pitchers have done an extremely poor job at holding runners on under Cooper. We've become a Little League team in this regard. It's obviously not been emphasized because the same BS has been going on for years. I guess it goes along with Cooper's tough-guy, arrogant personality that's he's displayed on radio the past couple years.

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