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Originally Posted by The Immigrant View Post
Or it could be that his lack of offseason conditioning has caught up to him this year just like it did last season. Both years he completely ran out of gas after a 2 month hot streak in June/July that brought his numbers up to respectable levels. At least he is consistent, I guess.

The next time anyone hears about Dunn's "rigorous offseason regimen"- will be the first.

You'd think after 2-3 years of not earning your salary and letting down your teammates- you'd dig deeper to get into the best shape possible.

Not Adam- that's not his style.

After all of his quotes about not being sure if he wants to come back, and how he doesn't work out in the offseason, etc.- I just think he is not a winner/champion- he's a one dimensional softball player without any real drive for excellence.
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