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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
No- with a starting line up of Bruce Kimm, Mike Squires, Jim Morrison, Todd Cruz, Kevin Bell, Bob Molinaro, a rookie Harold Baines, Chet Lemon and Lamar Johnson- the fact that LaRussa could get 70 wins out of the wreckage was a testament to his future potential as a manager.
The 2013 and 1980 lineups were equally bad. 2013 is a better team all around because of the starting pitching.

c: Kimm vs Flowers - wash (disastrous years for both teams)
1b: Squires vs Konerko - slight edge to 1980
2b: Morrison vs Beckham - slight edge to 1980
ss: Cruz vs Ramirez - clear edge to 2013
3b: Bell vs Keppinger/Gillaspie - clear edge to 2013 (that's how bad Bell was)
lf: Molinaro vs Viciedo - clear edge to 1980
cf: Lemon vs De Aza - clear edge to 1980
rf: Baines vs Rios/Garcia - edge to 2013 for single season, 1980 for potential
dh: Johnson vs Dunn - clear edge to 2013
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