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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Or maybe in September, Paulie was a shell of his former self, Dunn was injured, Youkilis was injured, Quintana and Sale were at innings totalsthey had never been.
And again, considering your lack of experience, how are you qualified to say he did anything wrong?

Doesn't playing in the major leagues 15 years in the 3 biggest markets, being a team leader wherever he went count as experience? I find it hard to beleive you can learn a ton more coaching first base than playing in the games. It wasn't like Robin was a dumb player.

The fact is for those who think Ventura's hiring was a publicity stunt, thatt he Sox figured they couldn't contend. You are actually making the case that this precious experience you all seem to think is necessary, is not necessary as the team not supposed to contend, contended.
Unless he was positioning players and changing players when he was on those teams then, no. It doesn't really add to the coaching experience. And as for him being a leader on those teams he played on, I mean, he was a veteran but he was not a leader on any of those teams in the same way that Konerko is a leader in the clubhouse currently. Maybe he was on the 1998 White Sox since Frank was so surly but I don't think he was ever considered a leadership guy in the clubhouse.

Go Sox!!!
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