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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
I don't think they did believe they had a chance to contend in 2012. When you look at where that team was in 2011, they had Adam Dunn coming off of a historically awful season, Rios was abysmal and Peavy was a year removed from unprecendted surgery and one of their best pitchers was leaving. They needed all of those guys to bounce back (and AJ too who had a bad 2011), there was no reason to believe that that would happen, all they could do was hope for the best and that maybe they'd catch lightening in a bottle (which has been Kenny's MO for the past couple of years).

If they had any intention of contending I don't think that they would have hired a manager whose only coaching experience was in high school. Yes Robin had years of experience as a player but there is a big difference between that and managing. Even the ads during the off season that year featured Ventura's grandslam against the Rangers in 1991 trying to rekindle good feelings. I think the White Sox surprised themselves by contending last year and Ventura's complete lack of experience really showed itself in September last year.
Or maybe in September, Paulie was a shell of his former self, Dunn was injured, Youkilis was injured, Quintana and Sale were at innings totalsthey had never been.
And again, considering your lack of experience, how are you qualified to say he did anything wrong?

Doesn't playing in the major leagues 15 years in the 3 biggest markets, being a team leader wherever he went count as experience? I find it hard to beleive you can learn a ton more coaching first base than playing in the games. It wasn't like Robin was a dumb player.

The fact is for those who think Ventura's hiring was a publicity stunt, thatt he Sox figured they couldn't contend. You are actually making the case that this precious experience you all seem to think is necessary, is not necessary as the team not supposed to contend, contended.
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