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Originally Posted by SBSoxFan View Post
I watched the clincher on TV and then went to the game the next day. I think "the Bull" was still drunk!
My wife and I were at the previous game when the Sox clinched a tie. Clinching the division depended on the Royals losing their game, which was still in progress. We were sitting in the left-center lower deck near the bullpen and watched people storm the field after the last out, and were impressed by the cordon formed by the Frain ushers around the infield before the crowd could get there.

Since the Royals game was still going on, the scoreboard crew put the TV feed on the video screen. Most of the celebrants on the field sat down in the grass to watch the Royals game as if they were sitting in front of the TV in an enormous family room.

The Royals won that night and the clincher had to wait another day. It really was a big deal when it happened. I subscribed to The Sporting News at that time and had saved all the issues relating to the Sox' division race along with Chicago newspaper clippings. Sadly, I lost most of that stuff in a 1996 basement flood.

We were able to go the ALCS Game 4 with standing-room tickets and watched the whole game from the scoreboard ramp. Tito Landrum's homer in the 10th cast a chilly pall over the ballpark. Luzinski's three-pitch strikeout in the bottom of the 10th maddens me to this day.

I think too that with Hoyt pitching the next day the Sox would've done it. It wasn't meant to be, but man, what a great ride that was.
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