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Originally Posted by shes View Post
While that's true, the Chicago area has exploded very quickly into a craft beer haven of its own in recent years. In the city or within spitting distance, we've got Revolution, Half Acre, Two Brothers, Goose Island, Solemn Oath, 3 Floyds, Wild Onion, Pipewerks, Piece, Haymarket, Metropolitan, Spiteful, Dryhop + whoever else I'm forgetting + all the new microbreweries that are scheduled to open in the next year or two.
Most definitely but you're still asking a very tall order for some of these smaller outfits to produce enough to meet their demands and then add on 81 games at Sox Park. There was a good article in the Trib about the craft beers available at the Cell and Wrigley and some of the challenges of getting more quality at the parks and the overall message seemed to be that, especially in regards to the Sox who have a modern ballpark and are more capable of adding more options in the park, the teams are interested in adding more craft beers, but the breweries are hesitant to commit to that kind of production.

Chicago has a lot of very good breweries making some excellent beers, but it seems like from an operational perspective, they're still behind places like San Diego and Portland..

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