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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Um, wow. That is impressive.
Yeah, but San Diego is one of the craft beer meccas in America, isn't it? They're just far and ahead of us in this game. So I'm not really sure it's a fair comparison. How does the Cell compare to the other 28 parks in the league? From my unscientific study over the last few years, pretty good, I think, but it's hard to say because I haven't visited any new parks this summer, so who knows what has changed? The craft beer market is rapidly expanding everywhere.

I will say that by Chicago sports standards, I think the Cell is by far the best in terms of beer drinking options. Definitely way better than Wrigley. Better than the UC, IIRC. Probably better than Soldier Field, but I don't remember for sure because the last time I was there it was 0 degrees at kick-off and I wasn't in much of a beer drinking mood.

But yeah, this Craft Beer Fest is idiotic on every level and they deserve every laugh they get.
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