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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
This is precisely correct and a major reason why you don't see rare finds at major venues like the Cell. Coupled, of course, with popularity, even though craft brewing has exploded recently, it still only accounts for 4% of the US beer market share. It's easy to scoff at swill like Bud Light and Miller Lite, but that's still where the cash is.

So I don't knock the Sox for not having a beer lineup that rivals some of the better beer bars around town. That's just the way it is. Frankly, the Cell's beer selection is infinitely better than our friends up North, where their "Premium Beer Selection" I'm pretty sure was just 312 (), Tecate (), and Heineken ().

But I do see why people were so bitterly disappointed in this "Craft Beer Fest" they're trying to throw. I was at a very good craft beer fest earlier this summer in Bridgeport, Mash Tun, at the Bridgeport Arts Fest. Great beer fest, outstanding lineup of breweries, we had a great time and I totally feel my $40 entrance fee was paid off and then some. If the Sox wanted to put on a fest like that, people would have loved it. But when you have Craft Beer Night with your friends from Leine's, Blue Moon, and Apple Cider Garbage, well, the response is expected. I get if you can't do it because the Lord and Masters and MillerCoors won't allow it, well maybe it's just better not to do it at all.
It's up to 6% market share in 2013.

Corporate places, that are sponsored by a huge brewer, will never have a good Craft Beer night. Miller Coors is profiting from a buzz word "craft" and people's ignorance on who produces what beers.

Bridgeport has a few places to get a good selection of craft beers. Mitchell's Tap had (and will have again) Gumball Head on draft. I know they get Zombie Dust there now, in the bottle. Maria's has a bunch of beers too.

If you want to know more about the industry watch "Beer Wars" streaming on Netflix. While it is a little dated now, it shows how hard it is for the little guy to get into the game.
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