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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Another awful performance by White Sox hitters. This has been one long horrible season. Other than the Opening Day victory and the sweep against the Yankees last month, I can't think of any other good memories from this 2013 season. I'm always down when the season comes to an end. I don't care about the other sports anymore so when the baseball season is over it's a bummer for me. I haven't felt this way in many years but I will be glad when this season is finally over with. I would like to think there's going to be major changes this off season with the White Sox. I can't believe Hahn is going to bring back this same group of players next year. I'm hoping this coming off season will be more interesting than what this past 2013 White Sox season has been.
That sweep of the Marlins in late May when they actually got to .500 and it looked like maybe, just maybe, they could turn this thing around?

God, they've gone 36-68 since May 24, worst overall mark in the Majors and aside from Houston, no one's even remotely close. 36-68 is winning at a .348 clip, which would produce a 56-106 record over a full season.


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