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Originally Posted by shes View Post
Wow. When I heard about this I thought, "Damn, if I can get something like a Rev IPA or Half Acre Daisy Cutter at the Cell, I might make the trek out there to do it." It certainly can get tiring drinking swill when watching a baseball game.

Imagine my disappointment.

Seriously, what were they thinking?
They have Daisy Cutter available on a regular basis. 16oz pint for the same price as a Miller Light. $7.75

Most craft brewers cannot produce the amount beer it would take to have it available at the cell. Take for instance, 3 Floyds. They can barely stock local shelves with the demand and such low production. Couple that with a HUGE cut of money coming from Miller Coors to be the official beer of the Sox.

They have a decent selection for a corporate baseball stadium, IMO.

Also, once a brewery starts to manufacture enough beer to fill demand most hard core folks wouldn't consider them craft anyways.
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