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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
How do we know that? Because some beat reporter wrote an article about how much the players like him? Players will never tell any reporting any sliver of truth.

Please, we know as much about the players' thoughts on him as we do about his passion for the job.

And if it's not his department to be the face of the franchise to the fans who is?
No player past or present has anything bad to say about him. They have even mentioned Robin gets tough on them in private. He doesn't air the dirty laundry in public, somrthing he probably learned as a player under several managers with several different styles.

If you want to judge him on this year with the players he had to put in the line up, and say he sucks fine. The problem is everyone you would want to replace him with would be in the same situation. The players have to change, not the manager.
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