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Originally Posted by Railsplitter View Post
Anybody who saw the end of the 1976 ALCS will understand why it may not be a good idea to let people run out onto the field.
Originally Posted by jdm2662 View Post
Was that the series where Reggie Jackson got a batting helmet for RF and then ran to the dugout right after the last out?
I remember seeing Jackson with a helmet sprinting to the safety of the dugout after the last out of the clinching game. But, that was from the '77 or '78 World Series vs. the Dodgers.

I believe Railsplitter is talking about the Chris Chambliss game ending HR to win the pennant where he couldn't even finish circling the bases because of the fans storming onto the field.

That sort of celebration was history by the 1990s, but you'd certainly never see it today in our post- 9/11, post- Boston Marathon bombing world.
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