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Tampa Bay is 8-15 their last 23 games. Falling apart at the end of the season just like the White Sox did last year. Clearly, when that happens, it's the manager's fault. If their upper management is smart Joe Maddon should get fired, and no one should ever hire him again. He obviously has no clue. Look at his record his first couple of years managing. He almost lost 100 games.

I find it funny people tell you if you don't 100% rely on advanced metrics, or new stats, you really don't know what you are talking about, yet these same people are old school when it comes to a team that has been struggling. Fire the manager, he has no clue. W/L supposedly means nothing for a pitcher, but with a manager, that's all that matters. When the Sox get better players, Robin will be a better manager. They played better last year despite Konerko getting hurt, despite Youkilis with a bad back, despite Dunn getting hurt, despite all the rookie pitchers they used, but ultimately fell short because frankly, they ran out of bullets. This year they have been awful, but how is that on the manager? Is there a person alive that could have managed this team into contention? Use some common sense. It fascinates me how some just love seeing someone get fired, then they will use the accountability card. The reality is using the accountability card would be blaming the players, not the guy who is stuck playing them.
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