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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
General managers usually like to hire their own managers. Hahn started to put his stamp on the Sox with the recent deadline deals and that will surely continue in the offseason with personnel moves, for sure. But, who knows, there may be a new manager or changes in the coaching staff as well.
Hahn wasn't an outside the organization hire, though, he was Assistant GM when Ventura was hired as manager and I'm sure the transition plan to kick KW upstairs and promote Hahn to GM was already in place by then so I'm sure he had input into that hire as he would likely be working closely with him no matter which position he was holding.

Not that I think the Sox are necessarily bad or good due to guys like Ventura or Dunn or whatever, but people need to come to terms with the fact they will likely be around for next season. This is the downside to rebuilding, you gotta be bad.

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