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Originally Posted by gobears1987 View Post
Disco Demolition was a proud moment. Just think of it, our fandom had a part in driving the final nail on the coffin of disco and helped kill what will go down as one of the worst genres in music history.

There is a reason the pregame video the Sox used to use with the "Pirates" theme had the clip of the giant box of records being blown up by the pyrotechnics. If it was such a shameful moment, the team wouldn't draw attention to it.
Certainly it was more sociologically important that Veeck's crazy comb night (I think my crazy comb was in the glove compartment of my 1970 Maverick when I traded it in) or farm night where White Sox minor leaguers played a pregame exhibition, where I first saw Mike Squires playing first, and the giveaway was a sapling for everybody coming through the gate.

I don't know if the team would draw attention to disco demolition, though, if it had happened under the watch of the current ownership.
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