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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
This is emphatically false. You are basing this SOLELY off of W-L. Sale has pitched well enough to win more times than Scherzer and done a better job of pitching in situations where the game is close. The numbers tell an entirely different story from what you are trying to argue.
Please read the following and stop misdefining my argument.

The numbers say Scherzer and Sale have pitched the same number of innings with Scherzer giving up fewer hits and fewer runs, both earned and unearned. Scherzer has given up fewer home runs. He has struck out more hitters. Scherzer has walked five more than Sale, but Sale has hit nine more than Scherzer. Scherzer has a higher strikeout percentage. Her has a lower WHIP. He has a lower ERA.

I don't think quality starts and complete games are important stats when a quality start can give you an ERA of 4.5 and you are only talking about a few complete games being pitched. I particularly don't consider them to be relative stats when you consider that both Scherzer and Sale have pitched the same number of innings.

Complain that Scherzer isn't having the great season Sale is while Scherzer is right now when I am being maligned for my position leading the league in WHIP and has struck out more hitters in the same number of innings. Find some metrics to show Sale is having a better season because determining who had a better season requires such weighty analysis to prove things people watching the game don't believe are true. Forget that Scherzer has been pitching under the pressure of a divisional race.

At the risk of misdefining your argument, I believe if Sale had the numbers Scherzer has and Scherzer had Sale's numbers -- forget wins and losses -- you would be arguing that Sale is more Cy Young-worthy. Unless you want to argue that ERA, WHIP and strikeout per nine innings don't tell you how well someone has pitches.
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