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It was a really good read. He's right on the money with ownership's loyalty and an organization full of ex-players. He's also makes a good observation about how the Sox mythologize their own unimpressive history. That really does describe this team and fan base very well.

I do, however, have some disagreements with a few statements made in the article:

1. Gordon Beckham is not proof that the Sox draft polished players. He was one of the few exceptions in nearly a decade of brutally bad draft picks....and it's not like he's turned out to be an all-star. All those Josh Fields and Lance Broadway picks weren't all just bad luck picks. Things might be turning around the past few years with Sale and others, but many of those guys are still making their way through the minors.

2. I wouldn't say that the Sox have done a great job of "importing talented internationals." Alexei, again, is the exception of what has happened over the last decade or so.

3. He says "really they spend more than they should". That is nonsense. I seriously doubt JR & Co. ever lost money on this team. I think the Sox have put a decent amount of money into payroll in recent years. I'm not disputing that. But, I don't agree with the idea that they "spend more than they should".
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