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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Compare the numbers of Scheerzer and Sale.
This is exactly where your argument ends. I'm not sure if you read the original post, but the whole point of the article was that if you don't look at W-L, there is NO argument for Scherzer in the Cy Young discussion. He's not even a candidate. It's basically Sale, then Darvish followed by Felix Hernandez. Scherzer isn't sniffing what the other three are doing.

Originally Posted by TDog
no one seems to care that Scherzer has done more to help his team win.
This is emphatically false. You are basing this SOLELY off of W-L. Sale has pitched well enough to win more times than Scherzer and done a better job of pitching in situations where the game is close. The numbers tell an entirely different story from what you are trying to argue.
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