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This comes up because the sad, frustrating, and endearing thing about the White Sox is that they generally do things the right way, and yet things never quite come out right for them. They're loyal but not sentimental, prudent but willing to take a calculated risk, and really they spend more than they should, when you consider that the Cubs draw from the better off parts of town and the wealthy suburbs, leaving the Sox a market that looks a lot more like some dying locus of Rust Belt ruin porn than a fantastically rich center of global commodity trading and such. They make good moves on the free-agent market, like signing Adam Dunn; they draft polished players, like Gordon Beckham; and they import talented internationals, like Alexei Ramirez—and all being sound bets, they all end up ****ing up. This is a team that's had a few chances and just flat missed, and not really because of anything anyone running the club did wrong. Sometimes players don't do what you think they'll do.
That has to be the most eloquent summary of what it's like to be a Sox fan I've ever read

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