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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
IF...and I say IF because I don't know if your numbers are correct, but IF that's true...and it's also true that Sale leads the league in quality starts, complete games, and has been the most clutch in leverage situation of qualifying starters...doesn't it reason that while Sale has been inconsistent in those 28% of starts, every other pitcher in the league has been inconsistent in a higher percentage of starts? We're not arguing if the guy's perfect, just better than everyone else. His quality start percentage along with all the other peripherals pretty much cement that.
Compare the numbers of Scheerzer and Sale. Honestly tell me if you wouldn't be enthusiastically behind Sale for Cy Young if he had Scherzer's numbers.

I'm not impressed Sale leads the league with four complete games. One was only eight innings. Jack McDowell pitched four complete-game shutouts in 1993. And if a quality start was seven innings allowing two runs, I would be more impressed. I've never thought an ERA of 4.5 was so quality. And it appears from watching Sale that he loses it sometimes, I don't know if it's concentration or emotion or what, but I have to believe that is something the White Sox want to see improved.

Baseball, ultimately, is about winning. Sale's numbers are almost as good as Scherzer's numbers, but no one seems to care that Scherzer has done more to help his team win. That would matter to Sox fans if their numbers were reversed.
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