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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
The wins and losses at this point are pointless but a nice outing for a key piece of the future here. I like what I have seen of Johnson thus far, I suspected the Sox might start him at AAA in 2014 but I'm beginning to think he's up for good now. Kid's arm is legit.

Surprising to think that more than likely 4 of the Sox's 5 SP next year will be homegrown, and pretty good, at that. If only they could develop 1-2 hitters.

Does Johnson top out at 92mph? That is what I saw on the gun.

Is he better than Rienza?

One of them will probably come north with the Sox next spring.
Not sure which.

Congrats to Johnson on his first of many MLB wins.
Nice offensive show. It is like once the Sox face a non-contender, suddenly they can hit again.
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