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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Sale has an ERA in excess of 8 against the Indians, in excess of 6 against the Rangers and in excess of 5 against the Twins. Those four teams represent about 28 percent of his starts. Sale's April ERA was over 4 and his ERA since the beginning of August is approaching 4. Only in May and July has he had a sub-3 ERA. It's true he had an ERA less than 1 in April, but I don't see consistency in his statistics.
IF...and I say IF because I don't know if your numbers are correct, but IF that's true...and it's also true that Sale leads the league in quality starts, complete games, and has been the most clutch in leverage situation of qualifying starters...doesn't it reason that while Sale has been inconsistent in those 28% of starts, every other pitcher in the league has been inconsistent in a higher percentage of starts? We're not arguing if the guy's perfect, just better than everyone else. His quality start percentage along with all the other peripherals pretty much cement that.
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