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Default Sox Article on Deadspin.

Pretty decent read.

My fave paragraph-

This comes up because the sad, frustrating, and endearing thing about the White Sox is that they generally do things the right way, and yet things never quite come out right for them. They're loyal but not sentimental, prudent but willing to take a calculated risk, and really they spend more than they should, when you consider that the Cubs draw from the better off parts of town and the wealthy suburbs, leaving the Sox a market that looks a lot more like some dying locus of Rust Belt ruin porn than a fantastically rich center of global commodity trading and such. They make good moves on the free-agent market, like signing Adam Dunn; they draft polished players, like Gordon Beckham; and they import talented internationals, like Alexei Ramirez—and all being sound bets, they all end up ****ing up. This is a team that's had a few chances and just flat missed, and not really because of anything anyone running the club did wrong. Sometimes players don't do what you think they'll do.

I have been quiet this year for a couple of reasons, mostly getting a new job, as it was very time consuming to do a blog like I did last year. I decided at the start of the year that I wasn't going to do it and I am really happy that I did. It's been a long year. I know at least one of you guys here didn't miss it at all.

Yesterday I went to my 47th (or 48th, I might have missed one) game of the season. While I was crossing the bridge from the green line, I felt a little sad that the season was coming to an end. With as awful as this team has played, it can't get much worse. I don't expect a huge turn around next year, but there will not be the massive letdown like there was this year.

And if you are wondering, yes, I could have easily have done just as many games this year for far less than I paid last year (53 games for $400. This year you could have done what I did, bought the tickets at the box office, for $371). I didn't keep track of my ticket prices this year, but mostly have sat in the uppers for the majority of the games.

Go Sox.
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