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With all these teams in the playoff hunt, we will need a cheat sheet of which NFL teams we hate in order for us to decide which baseball team to root for.

Originally Posted by Moses_Scurry View Post
Keep out the Yankees and I'm OK with whoever else makes it.

I personally think it would be awesome if the Royals squeaked in, went on a run through the playoffs, and met the Pirates in the World Series.

We'd have two of the worst franchises over the last 20 years in two of the smallest markets going at it.
I'd like to see KC make the playoffs too. Anyone but NYY, but I don't want the Indians to make it either since I think their fans are the most obnoxious of all our division rivals.

Both KC and Pittsburgh re-focused their efforts to build up their farm systems a few years ago and now they are seeing the benefits. I hope White Sox management is taking notice.

A Royals vs. Pirates World Series would be fine with me. Then Fox and ESPN can whine about how horrible it is that small market teams made it to the World Series.
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